Offerings & Considerations

Tearing up the Richmond Area since 2013

 Let’s play roulette

Do you wanna play naughty, or nice?

GFE – the sweet journey of building a deep and cherished rapport with someone special, with no sudden “Not tonight, I have a headache” 😘

Kink – friendly to many deviations of desire, including: foot fetish, food fetish, body worship, roleplay, watersports, domination, feminization, and more!

Exploration – maybe you’ve never done this before and you just wanna take it slow. maybe you know there’s something freaky out there for you, but you haven’t found it yet. maybe you’re in a period of finding yourself and want to play with gender. no rush or expectations. we’ll take it as it comes.

Unsafe services (even inquiring about them) put both you and me at risk in a multitude of ways. Please don’t ask about them.

See you soon!

–Marcella 💗


1 Hour



1.5 Hours



2 Hours



3 Hours



Freestanding lunch or dinner date


Let’s get to know one another over something delicious!

Extended engagements


4 Hours


6 Hours



Fly Me to You

I have a 6-hour booking minimum. Travel and lodging must also be paid for. Multi-day rates available upon discussion, though not to exceed $10k/day.

Sponsor a Tour

Interested in meeting but not sure about committing to a long booking? Inquire about sponsoring a tour. If it’s somewhere on my list and you’re footing my travel and lodging bill, I may just say yes.

Got an Idea?


Rather do something else together that doesn’t fit in these neat little boxes? Let me know–maybe I’ll love it!

Want to Spoil Me?

Drawing a blank on the perfect gift? I’ve collected a wishlist full of saucy, comfy, and practical items you might want to spoil me with. Additionally, my cashapp is $marpaps if you want to fund something but can’t get to me in person for a while.

Some Important Notes on Etiquette

Here lies a few tidbits of info and basic courtesy to ensure we have a good time together:

  • My screening process is not a negotiation. I require real world information, which includes your unedited driver’s license and a selfie, as well as your cell number. Your information is not stored anywhere.  It simply sits in my encrypted inbox until you’re identified as a safe individual, when it is then deleted. I’m sure you’re wonderful, but I’m not interested in your private life outside of our time together. If ensuring my safety is a problem, inquire elsewhere.
  • Upon arrival, please have my lunch money in an envelope in plain view. You make it weird when you make me have to ask for it 🙁
  • I will be freshly bathed and clean for your consideration. I expect you, too, to be freshly showered upon arrival. If it’s swampy outside or you’ve come straight from work or driven a long way, I may ask you to hit the shower. Your mouth is important too. Bacteria and sugars from food and drink are not friends with the delicate flora you may encounter down south 💗 
  • Our time together is between us. I have no desire to have the intimate details of our rendezvous plastered on the internet, nor am I interested in spending time with the types of people who feel the need to posture in that way to other forum members. If you’d like to write a review for me to put on my website, shoot it to me in an email and I’ll go over it!

Book your Rendezvous

Ready to make some magic?

Please fill out the form with a brief introduction about yourself, city requested, the length of the engagement you’re interested in, and scheduling preferences. You may preemptively attach screening info if you’d like: unedited driver’s license, selfie, and cell number. I’ll get back to your inquiry in 1-3 business days.


Booking Request

6 + 13 =


Outcalls at 3-star+ hotels are always welcome. Prefer to stay more off the radar? I have a private incall conveniently located in Richmond for an additional $100 fee. I do not provide house calls until a friendship and healthy rapport has been established 💗

For travel over 45 minutes to areas such as Fredericksburg, NoVa, DC, Charlottesville, Hampton, or VB, I require a $300 travel fee.


Advanced bookings only

I’m really busy! Between multiple jobs, raising an awesome kiddo, staying in shape, cooking and nourishing my body, and taking much-needed rest, I don’t have much time for off-the-cuff bookings! I try to get my schedule for the week solidified by Sunday evening, but you’re welcome to try me with less notice. 

I get up early, and I don’t enjoy late night bookings. Daytime and early evening, please!

Deposits & Cancellations

Deposits are required, usually at 20-25% of the booking fee.

If you need to reschedule our outing, please give at least 48 hours notice. Notice of under 48 hours will result in forfeiture of deposit. Notice in under 24 hours will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the date scheduled.